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Prestige Park Grove is a luxurious Pre-launch project in Whitefield Bangalore by Prestige Group. The Project is spread across 80 acres of prime land. The Project offers 1, 2 & 3 BHK luxury Apartments. 3 & 4 BHK premium Villas are also available.

With its location, luxury, and convenience, Park Grove is the perfect choice for a comfortable and stylish home in Whitefield Bangalore. Conveniently situated close to all of the city's attractions The project is located in Whitefield which is popular are in east Bangalore. Top IT Parks, Schools and hospitals are very close from the project location.

Key Dates:

Project Highlights

Project Type Luxury Apartments and Villas
Project Status Pre-launch
Project RERA No. PRM/KA/RERA/1251/446/PR/100823/006141
Location Whitefield, Bangalore
Rate Per Sq Ft On Request
Unit Type 1, 2, 3, 4 BHK and Villas
Total Area 80 Acres
Total Floors Updating soon
Total Units 3849 Units
Total Towers Updating soon
Budget Updating soon
Approvals RERA approved
SBA 650-3560 Sq.ft.
Possession December 2027

Project Amenities

Badminton_Court Badminton Court
Basketball_Court Basketball Court
Club_House Club House
Cricket_Practice_Pitch Cricket Practice Pitch
Cycling_Track Cycling Track
Gymnasium Gymnasium
Indoor_Games Indoor Games
Jogging_Track Jogging Track
Kids_Play_Area Kids Play Area
Landscape_Garden Landscape Garden
Mini_Theatre Mini Theatre
Park Park
Parking_Lots Parking Lots
Party_Hall Party Hall
Power_Backup Power Backup
Security_System Security System
Shop Shop
Spa Spa
Swimming_Pool Swimming Pool
Tennis_Court Tennis Court
Water_Supply Water Supply
Yoga_Pavilion Yoga Pavilion

Project Master Plan

Project Floor Plan

Project Location

Prestige Park Grove Location

The Location of Park Grove is Chikkanahalli Road, Whitefield, near Station Rd, East Bengaluru, Karnataka Pincode - 560067.

Park Grove offers opulent 1 BHK, 2 BHK, and 3 BHK houses that are big, well-ventilated, and equipped with all kinds of outstanding services & amenities. It is situated on broad acres. The best residential options may be found in Bangalore's well-known neighbourhood of Whitefield. Due to its close proximity to workplaces, educational institutions, the greatest healthcare facilities, and shopping malls, this neighbourhood is experiencing an increase in residential demand. Each unit at the project is designed to provide abundant sunlight and the right amount of aeration. Park Grove in Whitefield is a blend of values that guarantees the emergence of a vibrant neighbourhood. For many home hunters, this residential property presented the right location. It is quickly rising to the top of homebuyers' favourite lists because it is inexpensive and offers a luxurious way of life. The undertaking is a luxurious haven. Your quality of life will be elevated by opulent grandeur and vast green spaces. It boasts an attractive lifestyle endowed with the highest level of wealth. Come see for yourself the symbol of comfort and tranquility. Dreams come true for those who reside in peace and tranquility at Prestige Park Grove, which reflects our duty to you. A variety of villas are available at Park Grove that can be customised to become your ideal home.


Unit Type Area Price Per Sq Ft Price List
1 BHK On Request On Request On Request
2 BHK On Request On Request On Request
3 BHK On Request On Request On Request

Prestige Park Grove Key Connectivity

Prestige Park Grove Key Connectivity

Prestige Park Grove is a residential apartment complex located in Whitefield, Bangalore. Whitefield is a well-developed area in Bangalore known for its IT parks, shopping malls, and residential complexes.

In terms of connectivity, Whitefield is well-connected to the rest of Bangalore through various modes of transportation. The Kempegowda International Airport is approximately 35 kilometers away from Whitefield, and can be reached via the Outer Ring Road (ORR) or the National Highway (NH) 44.

The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates several bus services in the Whitefield area, connecting it to other parts of the city. Additionally, the Bangalore Metro's Purple Line has a station at Whitefield, providing easy access to other parts of Bangalore.

Whitefield is also well-connected by rail, with the Whitefield railway station serving the area. This station is part of the South Western Railway Zone, and connects Whitefield to other parts of Bangalore and beyond.

Overall, Park Grove in Whitefield enjoys good connectivity to other parts of Bangalore, making it a convenient location for residents to live and work.

Connectivity from Park Grove to the Electronic city

Park Grove is located in Whitefield, Bangalore, and Electronic City is situated in the southern part of Bangalore. The distance between these two areas is approximately 30-35 km, and there are several modes of transportation available for commuting between the two places.

One of the most convenient ways to travel from Park Grove to Electronic City is by road. The quickest route is to take the Outer Ring Road (ORR) and then the NICE Road. This will take around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on the traffic conditions.

Another way to commute is by using the Bangalore Metro. The nearest metro station to Park Grove is Baiyappanahalli metro station, which is on the Purple Line. You can take the metro from Baiyappanahalli to Swami Vivekananda Road Station, which is on the Green Line, and then take a cab or bus to reach Electronic City.

There are also several buses that operate between Whitefield and Electronic City. BMTC (Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation) runs regular buses between these two places, and you can check the bus timings and routes on their website.

Overall, there are several convenient modes of transportation available to commute between Park Grove in Whitefield and Electronic City in Bangalore.

Connectivity from Park Grove to Airport

Park Grove is located in Whitefield, Bangalore, which is approximately 45 kilometers away from the Kempegowda International Airport. The airport can be easily accessed from Park Grove by various modes of transportation:

Taxi or Cab: Taxis and cabs are easily available in the Whitefield area, and can take you directly to the airport. The journey usually takes around 1 hour, depending on the traffic.

BMTC Bus: The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates several bus services from Whitefield to the airport. Bus number KIAS-9 is a direct service that operates between Whitefield and the airport, with a journey time of around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Bangalore Metro: The Bangalore Metro's Purple Line has a station at Baiyappanahalli, which is approximately 9 kilometers away from Whitefield. From Baiyappanahalli, passengers can take a direct metro train to the airport.

Overall, residents of Park Grove in Whitefield have multiple options to travel to the Kempegowda International Airport, making it a convenient location for frequent flyers and travelers.

Connectivity from Park Grove to Mysore Road

Park Grove in Whitefield, Bangalore is located approximately 25 kilometers away from Mysore Road, which is a major arterial road in Bangalore. There are various modes of transportation available to travel from Park Grove to Mysore Road:

Private vehicle: The most convenient way to travel from Park Grove to Mysore Road is by a private vehicle. The journey usually takes around 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the traffic.

BMTC Bus: The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates several bus services from Whitefield to Mysore Road. Bus numbers 500D, 500K, 500C, and 501 connect Whitefield to Mysore Road. The journey time by bus can range from 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the bus route and traffic.

Bangalore Metro: The Bangalore Metro's Purple Line has a station at Baiyappanahalli, which is approximately 9 kilometers away from Whitefield. From Baiyappanahalli, passengers can take a direct metro train to Mysore Road.

Overall, residents of Park Grove in Whitefield have multiple options to travel to Mysore Road, making it a convenient location for those who need to commute to this area for work or other purposes.

Connectivity from Park Grove to Sarjapur Road

Park Grove in Whitefield, Bangalore is located approximately 8-10 kilometers away from Sarjapur Road, which is a major road in Bangalore connecting Whitefield to various parts of the city. There are several modes of transportation available to travel from Park Grove to Sarjapur Road:

Private vehicle: The most convenient way to travel from Park Grove to Sarjapur Road is by a private vehicle. The journey usually takes around 30-40 minutes, depending on the traffic.

BMTC Bus: The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) operates several bus services from Whitefield to Sarjapur Road. Bus numbers 342, 342C, 342E, and 342H connect Whitefield to Sarjapur Road. The journey time by bus can range from 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the bus route and traffic.

Bangalore Metro: The Bangalore Metro's Purple Line has a station at Baiyappanahalli, which is approximately 9 kilometers away from Whitefield. From Baiyappanahalli, passengers can take a direct metro train to the Central Silk Board station, which is located on Sarjapur Road.

Overall, residents of Park Grove in Whitefield have multiple options to travel to Sarjapur Road, making it a convenient location for those who need to commute to this area for work or other purposes.

Prestige group residential projects in Bangalore

Prestige group residential projects in Bangalore

Prestige Groups' project is one of the most ambitious in Bangalore, featuring plots, villaments, and luxury apartments built on a single platform. The idea is distinctive in that it consists of several apartments inside a beautiful forum with contemporary conveniences and standards. The essential social services and physical infrastructure are available right next to your dream home in Prestige City, a metropolis within a city. A hearty, healthy living atmosphere is produced by the concept, which also maintains the ideal open space to building area ratio.

The Prestige Group is a renowned real estate developer in Bangalore, known for its residential projects. While I don't have access to real-time data, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, here are some popular residential projects by the Prestige Group in Bangalore:

About Bangalore


Bangalore has a long history of being known as a "retirement city" because of its relaxed and leisurely pace and calm ambiance. The city had preserved its old-world splendour due to its roots in the former British cantonment territories, and it seemed that the inhabitants were satisfied with the simple, laid-back, and peaceful lifestyle. But after India's imports and exports of hardware and software were liberalised, the entire nation underwent a significant upheaval. The "retirement city," Bangalore, served as the focal point of this change. When well-known IT firms like Infosys opted to locate their headquarters there, the city was thrust into the public eye.

Due of this, a lot of significant companies have opened operations in Bangalore as they start to see the city's potential. Prior to this, Bangalore had drawn a number of significant government organisations, but it had also become the commercial leader. Bangalore has earned the moniker "Silicon Valley of India" as a result of the establishment of various corporate offices throughout the nation, particularly in the IT sector. As a result of the name change and the numerous job opportunities, the city had a massive influx of new people wanting to establish their careers and fortunes. People from different regions of the country and immigrants from abroad were all included in this influx of migrants.

Apartments @Prestige Park Grove


Apartments are the most popular type of lodging, especially in urban areas. The word "apartment" is frequently used to refer to any dwelling unit found inside a structure. Apartment houses are buildings having numerous residential units; while most apartments are designed for household use, apartment complexes may also include stores and other non-residential facilities. Apartment houses are often referred to as apartment blocks or blocks of flats. In an apartment house, the living room, bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are all combined into one huge area. Small, cosy flats come with lots of conveniences. For single people who want to live close to their places of employment or higher education, an apartment complex is a great option.

Because of this, the scale of a structure might range from that of a single-family home to that of a big residential complex, a townhouse, or even higher buildings known as apartments. For many individuals, an apartment is just a residence inside of a structure. This suggests that an apartment is only one among a variety of residences present within the same building.

The Prestige construction company has built both residential structures and villas. The most recent addition to the group is Prestige Park Grove, a lavish condominium with a substantial number of apartments for rent. The Prestige group's future residential project is a massive apartment complex with 1 and 2 BHK units and fantastic amenities. On 80 acres of land, it will be located. Prestige Group has reached another significant milestone by beginning this project for upcoming luxury residences. The Prestige group plans the apartments it constructs to offer the finest possible ventilation, space utilisation, and security.

The condos were designed with efficiency and space in mind by the pros at the Prestige construction firm. From the flats in the Prestige complex, you can walk to the World Trade Center, International Tech Park, Indian Institute of Management, Electronic City, and Plantation Road. The planned Prestige project has several outstanding ideas and will be a wonderful place for both young people and senior residents to live. The building's interior is filled with many fascinating features that were built with the best materials, including gardens, Joggers Park, play areas, spacious apartments, and gyms. This new Prestige apartment complex's first-rate living accommodations will all promote people's overall welfare.

Many people have discovered a nice, suitable house in the Prestige Finsbury Park, Royale Gardens, Primrose Hills, and other Prestige group developments. The Prestige Builder project consists of tastefully built 1, 2, and 3-bedroom residences in high-rise buildings that provide a variety of condominiums from which homeowners can choose the one that best suits their needs. In many of the buildings owned by the Prestige group, the enormous open spaces that surround each tower enable minimal planning while still offering comfort, natural light, and ventilation. Prestige Group offers BKH condominiums with one, two, and three bedrooms in the high-tech city. These apartments provide a stunning rise and the newest in premium amenities.

Villas @Prestige Park Grove


Prestige Park grove is a luxurious and spacious residential project in Whitefield, Bangalore. With 82 elegant villas spread across 22.68 acres of the total 72-acre project, the community offers exclusivity and ample space.

The 3-BHK villas, spanning 2800 square feet, feature a well-designed layout with one bedroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the first floor. This arrangement provides flexibility and convenience for residents. The 4-BHK villas, covering 3500 square feet, offer even more space and are likely to be highly anticipated by those seeking larger homes.

Villas Highlights

Investment in Prestige Park Grove


Why to invest in Prestige Apartments

The Prestige Group is a renowned real estate developer in Bangalore, known for its residential projects.

The Prestige Group will soon begin construction on Prestige Park Grove in Whitefield. The developer of the residential complex, The Prestige Group, is known for producing products of the highest calibre. For the buyer seeking a fantastic rental and resale value, Prestige Park Grove is an excellent investment. All of this well-known developer's projects are guaranteed to be of the highest calibre.

Additionally, the project's location offers great investment potential. These days, Whitefield in Bangalore is a well-liked neighbourhood with expensive real estate. A home in this neighbourhood is worth more because so many people are seeking for rentals there.

You are making an investment when you spend money to acquire a financial asset or expand one while simultaneously setting aside money from your hard-earned wage. Therefore, an expenditure that generates profit is a financial investment. Investing's primary goal is to raise revenue or profit over a particular time period through speculation. A gain (profit or benefit) or loss realised from the sale of a home or investment, concealed capital appreciation (or deterioration), speculation pay like profits, interest, or rental income, or a combination of capital gain and pay are all possible inclusions in the return. Gains or losses that are reflected in the return may be the result of fluctuations in foreign exchange rates. If you want to maximise your profits, picking the right property to invest in is essential. Property speculation frequently offers a better long-term return than investing in future stocks since it is less risky and less certain. Compared to traditional stock profit yields, investments in rental properties generate a consistent and predictable revenue stream that generates positive cash flow at a faster rate. Due to this, making an investment in a real estate project or rental property will be a safer and more lucrative choice. Many financial investors with single-family home holdings may not have the luxury of hiring a third-party property manager due to the size of their portfolio. On the other side, multifamily real estate investors make more money each month.

If you're looking for a fantastic location, a stunning home, a valuable asset, convenient amenities, and a prestigious property, the Prestige Park Grove project in Bangalore is the place to be.



The most recent project in Whitefield is Prestige Park Grove.

Every significant developer in Bangalore is engaged in new projects as the city's real estate industry is rising. Investors will have several options in the coming future as a number of new projects are scheduled to get underway. A lot of advantages come from investing in potential ventures, two of which are:

Builders typically provide a number of early-bird discounts at the project's initial launch. For the investor, these programmes ensure a higher price on a luxury residence.

A better deal is guaranteed when investing in a new project, both in terms of pricing and location. Additionally, the home buyer has the much less expensive and simpler option of making early alterations to the property.

One of the most essential life goals for many people around the world is to own a good home. However, that desire proved to be unaffordable due to the rising costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a home. But if you choose wisely, when you've bought your ideal house, you won't have to pay any further fees. It is a private residence rather than an apartment, so the costs for purchase and maintenance are high. Living in an apartment home can provide a person several benefits in addition to getting a magnificent house at a reasonable price and avoiding expensive maintenance bills. The best connectivity will provide numerous benefits at the appropriate times if the apartment is located in the best part of town, close to hospitals, schools, shopping malls, restaurants, colleges, IT parks, and other significant locations. If the hospital is close by, there won't be a rush to get there in case of an emergency. If you live in the area, it won't take you very far to get to your children's school or your place of employment. Similar to this, tenants will benefit greatly from the connectivity of contemporary apartment buildings in prime locations.

"Amenities" are one of the wonderful advantages that everyone in the apartments receives. In addition to the opulent home, the apartment management offers first-rate amenities like a garden, gym, kids' play area, and a section with indoor games, among others. Apartments will therefore be the ideal location to enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle with family members in addition to being a lovely place to live. Despite the fact that the unit administration provides a number of facilities, the maintenance expenses will be decreased. As a result, individuals who purchase a fantastic apartment can live in great comfort and modernity for a reasonable price. The backdrop will always be nice, regardless of whether the residents invest their own time in keeping the apartment building beautiful. In order to provide adequate ventilation and natural light, the apartment developer will select the greatest sites for the buildings to be built. The apartment management is also in charge of preserving a tidy and appealing environment. As a result, even though you're living in an apartment, you could always feel a sense of ease and pleasantness about you.

The flats will have the highest and most satisfactory level of security. As a result, there won't be any concern about the safety issue. You don't need to spend a lot of money to have a great time whether you want to use the apartment's tennis court, garden, children's play area, pool, or other recreational amenities. Additionally, because your home offers incredible amenities, you won't need to take the family to other locations for entertainment. Paying a little bit more to purchase a home in the apartment will allow you to benefit from a number of advantages over time in addition to the pleasurable comfort of the top perfect home.

About Whitefield


Away from the city centre is where Whitefield/Bangalore is situated. This Whitefield neighbourhood has expanded thanks to the late 1990s IT boom. Back then, it was a neighbourhood of Bangalore. Several residential, commercial, and business buildings can be found there, making it an important area of the city. There are two four-lane highways that connect Whitefield to Bangalore city. First, through Mahadevapura; second, through Marathahalli A few other significant city locations nearby include Hoodi, KR Puram, Brookefield, and Marathahalli.

Whitefield is a highly wealthy neighbourhood with about 46% of residences being villas. The most typical design is a two-bedroom flat. The majority of the properties—about 61 percent—are in this state. The average price of a residence is between Rs. 40 lakh and Rs. 60 lakh, followed by Rs. 60 lakh and Rs. 80 lakh for 11% of the homes, and Rs. 80 lakh or more for the other 42%.

Your place of employment and residence might be close by because Whitefield is home to research centres, hospitals, shopping centres, schools, information technology companies, and many more establishments that serve all segments of the community. Young people from all around the nation are frequently hired by Bangalore's expanding IT and ITeS industry. Bangalore has drawn top international companies as a result of the expanding IT boom, and specific districts of the city have witnessed significant changes. One such neighbourhood is 'Whitefield,' which is in East Bangalore.

In the last five to ten years, Whitefield has undergone a significant transformation. A significant contributor to this change was the arrival of the IT industry in the region. Due to the expanding IT industry, Whitefield, once a quiet neighbourhood, has become one of Bangalore's top residential destinations. The creation of International Tech Park (ITPL), the first and largest tech park in India, was a game-changer for the Whitefield neighborhood's residents and served as a prologue to a residential revolution in Bangalore's Whitefield, which was the first to benefit from this infrastructure revolution.

Whitefield was a charming suburb before Bangalore had an IT boom in the early 2000s, which changed the neighbourhood. Bangalore, which was once thought of as a tranquil retirement location, has developed into India's largest IT powerhouse. One of Bangalore's first suburbs to benefit from the information technology revolution was Whitefield, which is now one of the most sought-after residential areas in the city.

With more and more tech parks being created, the "ECC Road ECC Rd, Pattandur Agrahara, Whitefield" area is frequently acknowledged as one of Asia's top IT destinations. With big worldwide IT businesses setting up permanent operations there, Whitefield is swiftly becoming Bangalore's most favoured residential and commercial district.

Top malls in whitefield

Whitefield is a popular locality in Bangalore and is home to several malls that offer a range of shopping, entertainment, and dining options. Here are some of the top malls in Whitefield:

Top Schools in whitefield

Whitefield is a popular locality in Bangalore and is home to several reputed schools. Here are some of the top schools in Whitefield:

Top Hospitals in whitefield bangalore

Whitefield is a well-developed locality in Bangalore, and it is home to several renowned hospitals. Here are some of the top hospitals in Whitefield

Top IT companies in Whitefield Bangalore

Whitefield is one of the major IT hubs in Bangalore, and it is home to several IT companies, both large and small. Here are some of the top IT companies in Whitefield:

Top Builders in Whitefiled bangalore

There are several builders in Whitefield, Bangalore. Here are some of them:

FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Prestige Park Grove located?

Prestige Park Grove is located in Whitefield, Bangalore well connected to the city's major landmarks.

2. What are the types of apartments available in Prestige Park Grove?

Prestige Park Grove offers 2 and 3 BHK apartments designed for comfortable and convenient living for the residents.

3. What are the amenities available in Park grove?

This project offers modern amenities including a swimming pool, gym, multipurpose hall, children's play area, landscaped gardens and 24/7 security etc.

4. What are the sustainability features incorporated in Prestige Park Grove?

Prestige Park Grove incorporates several sustainable features like rainwater harvesting, solar water heating and sewage treatment plant making it an eco-friendly and sustainable living space.

5. What is the price range of apartments in Prestige Park Grove residential development?

The price range of Prestige Park Grove apartments varies depending upon size and specifications of the unit.

6. Is Prestige Park Grove a gated community?

Yes Prestige Park grove is a gated community that provides residents with 24/7 security and intercom facilities for safety and convenience of the residents.

7. Is Prestige Park Grove well-connected to other parts of Bangalore?

Yes, Prestige Park Grove is well-connected to other parts of Bangalore through various modes of transportation, including buses, taxis, and the upcoming Namma Metro line.

8. What is the possession date of Prestige Park Grove?

The possession date of Prestige Park Grove is subject to change and interested buyers can contact the developer for the latest updates on possession dates.

About Prestige Group

The 1986-founded Prestige Group has grown steadily to rank among the most prestigious real estate development companies in South India. Since the completion of their initial project, the Prestige Court on KH Road, the Prestige Group has successfully ventured into a number of fields, solidifying its position as a leader in the real estate development market. In addition to residential structures, the company's portfolio is diverse and includes commercial, recreational, retail, and hotel facilities. Because of its numerous contributions to the real estate industry over the years, this organisation has won numerous awards and accolades. This well-known real estate developer has finished 247 projects totalling 134 million square feet, has 45 projects under development totalling 53 million square feet, and has 56 million square feet in the works. This foresighted firm has a massive 262-acre land bank with 27 million square feet of prospective land. While the company only has 205 known real estate projects in Bangalore, it has also expanded to Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Goa, Mysore, and Mangalore, where it is actively transforming the urban landscapes.

One of the well-known landmark projects by the Prestige Group is The Forum Vijaya Mall, the largest shopping centre in Chennai. The Prestige Lakeside Habitat, the largest residential construction project the Prestige Group has undertaken to date, the Prestige Acropolis, one of Bangalore's first upscale residential complexes, and the Prestige Acropolis Prestige Golfshire is the first golf villa residential development in South India. This well-known business is renowned for its originality, dedication to excellence, and focus on customer satisfaction. ...more

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